December 9, 2022

The City Of Lignano Sabbiadoro

Lignano Sabbiadoro stands on a long sandy peninsula covered with pine trees, the southwestern end of the beautiful Marano lagoon nature reserve. Its slight slope, the sandy beach in front of the Coast of Istria, a safe bathing for families and the active nightlife, make it a popular resort for Italian and foreign tourists. The extreme point of the peninsular area is divided into three districts: Lignano Sabbiadoro is one of them and is accompanied by Lignano Pineta, 1 km further south, and Lignano Riviera, more recent but still all centred in its natural features, also given the close ness of the Tagliamento River. In total there are just under 7,000 residents. The name of the resort was originally Lignano, in 1935 ‘Sabbiadoro’ was added exclusively for promotional purposes. The development of the tourist resort began in the early twentieth century, when after the reclamation began the construction of some bathing establishments, however accessible only by boat from the lagoon. Before that, nothing existed in these places, except a small area of refuge for some fishermen. The ancient plans of the Serenissima, duly compiled by the so-called Water Savi, made no mention of either the name or the characteristic of the area, considered in the complex of the important lagoon territory.

The wonderful beach, however, could not go unnoticed for much longer and the first hotel was built in 1903. Its urban growth, however, was delayed, not only because of the malarial area in the vicinity, but also because of the lack of basic infrastructure: it had to wait more than two decades before the construction of the main and vital road artery. Today’s city has reached the maturity of urban planning and infrastructure in the best way and presents itself with a wide variety of attractions. Moving between its neighbourhoods is possible through urban transport managed by the SAF, but Lignano is also to be explored on foot or perhaps by bike. Riviera, the western part of the peninsula is characterized by the villas and residential condominiums, all gracefully decorated with beautiful pine trees; Pineta,

in the city centre, has a modest shopping mall, famous beaches and a plethora of venues suitable for evening and night fun; Sabbiadoro, at the extreme tip of the peninsula, contains a lively shopping mall and even more night and cultural life than the previous ones. The hotel presence in general is remarkable. For those who want to enjoy the maximum stay at the seaside, we recommend the baths of Lignano, located in the Riviera area and immersed in the centuries-old pine forest (directions: waterfront R. Riva 1) or even the numerous spas and fitness centers of the city. In addition to the exclusively seaside attractions, Lignano also offers some historical and naturalistic itineraries. The original farmer’s core, placed close to the lagoon, has two typical rural houses of sure interest, probably dated from the 17th century. The religious cult for centuries has concentrated in the small church of St. Zacharias and the fifteenth century church of Santa Maria, in the resort of Bevazzana, and in the interior of which is noticed a series of frescoes of the 15th century. The Hemingway Park is a park of botanical interest that covers 4 hectares of land and is named after the famous American writer who visited the resort during his stay in Italy. The writer is also dedicated to the prestigious “Ernest Hemingway Lignano Sabbiadoro Prize” in journalism, fiction and non-fiction. The Punta Verde Zoo Park is a natural oase with ponds, animals (1200 specimens belonging to 200 different species) in semi-open areas and eco-environmental paths. The nature in Lignano is also enriched by the UNICEF Park, born in the late 1980s, dedicated to children in as many as 4 hectares of entertainment between skating rinks, mini golf, swimming pools, bike paths and much more. The natural attraction, however, remains the Oase of the Wwf Laguna in Marano. Birdwatchers will be able to observe birds of prey such as the marsh hawk, the osprey, the buzzer, the small and real hen harrier, the kestrel, the brown kite. Don’t miss it.


How you can get to Lignano Sabbiadoro

You can get to Lignano Sabbiadoro by various ways of transportation:

By Car – on the highway (motorway)

By car you can reach Lignano driving on the A4 Venice – Trieste motorway or on A23 motorway linking Tarvisio and Venice; the motorway exit for Lignano is made at Latisana, following the local road no 354 which ends at Lignano.

By Bus – Bus Stations

There are many bus lines which regularly depart from the northern part of Italy towards Lignano. There are special buses linking important cities in Germany, Switzerland and Austria to Lignano. More information about bus schedules and timelines: Biglietteria Autostazione Viale Gorizia, 26 Tel. 0039 0431 71373

Bus Station Lignano SAF:

By Train – Train Stations Latisana. Train station is just 20 km away from Lignano. From Latisana train station you can access by train Venice (Mestre) and its neighboring airports as well as Trieste, Udine and other main cities in Italy. Lignano and Latisana are linked by regular bus lines.

Italian Railways Website:  /

By Plane

The nearest airport to Lignano is Marco Polo Airport in Venice, 100 km away from Lignano Sabbiadoro.

City: Venice

Airport: Marco Polo

Telephone: 00390412606111